Sambesi PC

Material: AISI Type 316 SS

Type: Rigid

Open Area: 42%

Weight: 2.41 lbs/sqft

Max. width: 101"

Visible Light Transmittance Min 0.12, Max 0.45

Visible Light Reflectance Min 0.23, Max 0.31

Solar Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Min 0.10, Max 0.31

Sambesi PC Metal Fabric

Our Sambesi PC Metal Fabric is ideal for decorating professional spaces since this sheet metal panel fabrication can serve as a partition or wall installation. As metal panel fabricators, we strive to provide the best wire mesh in the industry.

> 8 ft in both directions must ship flat - contact GKD for larger size restrictions


Technical Consultation

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Sambesi PC
Sambesi PC
3/4 View
Sambesi PC
Front & Side View