Applications of GKD metal fabrics for architectural design

There is no substitute for extraordinary design. Our flexible woven metal fabrics provide indisputable technical, aesthetic and environmentally responsible solutions to any building’s exterior and interior.
Our innovative manufacturing heritage has benefited customers time and again with our know-how in determining and delivering the best metal mesh fabric solution for any need or structure.

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Tiled, framed, suspended or draped, GKD’s woven metal fabrics conform to regular and irregular ceiling surfaces.
Functional and distinctive, column covers are offered with countless texture, flexibility and opacity options.

Graphics are mechanically etched onto the metal fabric surface to create a durable contrasted image.
Metal fabric façades can be used to rejuvenate or enhance the aesthetics of a structure, while offering protection against the elements.

Weather- and temperature resistant Illumesh® excels in delivering a high-performance woven metal fabric media surface
Mediamesh® flawlessly melds woven metal’s transparency and flexibility with the high definition technology of integrated LED profile in a non-structural communication medium.

Metal fabric is a cost-effective, contemporary facade. Its usage increases a structure’s durability and safety.
With minimal partitioning, metal fabrics offer permanent or removable contemporary solutions.

Woven metal adds to the overall design safety and security components while maintaining architectural integrity.
Woven metal mesh fabrics reduce solar-generated heat gain, while increasing interior comfort.

Specialty applications include desks, tables, furniture, floors, art and any imagination destination.
High-traffic areas benefit from the combined engineering and aesthetic benefits of woven metal fabric.