Your Complete Project Partner

With 100 years of experience, GKD provides the complete service you are looking for in your next architectural project. With over 50 different weaves that meet both form and function, in a variety of colors, textures, surfaces, and customizable attachment systems, we are your solution.

We offer a full range of services, products, and solutions including:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable sales team dedicated to getting your vision from paper to project completion
  • An engineering team at your disposal for the duration of your project: from introduction to completion our services include design, complete submittal shop drawings and calculations stamped in every state, most Canadian provinces, and the Caribbean
  • We can perform wind or solar study for your project
  • Our project management team is your personalized partner who works with you to ensure a successful project completion
  • With a majority of manufacturing and fabrication on-site, this allows for complete personal project control
  • Fabrication using domestic material which complies with federal and local regulations
  • Available on-site coordination and installation management services

Advanced Technology & In-House Expertise

Our in-house capabilities and experience match our dedication to our customers. We can provide options such as:

  • Over 50 weaves available with ability to create custom patterns
  • Customizable attachment solutions based on your design intent and your projects specific performance requirements
  • In house laser, water jet, and shear cutting
  • Custom frame fabrication
  • In house painting and etching booths with powder coating available
  • Break press services on site
  • In-house water jet can accommodate any special requests
  • Custom over-built crates with dedicated shipping that protects your product to the jobsite at the highest quality
  • Professional Engineers on staff
  • Welders certified under the requirements of the AWS D1.6/D1.6M Structural Welding Code for Stainless Steel, and many have completed qualifying trade school programs

Professional Experience that Matters

With over 600 employees, 100 years of service, and thousands of completed projects all over the world, our team is able to cater to your every project need.