Dominique Perrault Designs Tennis Court Worthy Of Olympics With GKD Mesh Exterior

August 23, 2016 | Case Histories

In just four years, from 2004 to 2007, the city ring road was relocated to an underground tunnel system, the Madrid Calle 30. As a result, the city center and the suburbs are no longer separated from each other and Madrid has been given room for a new "green lung.” The distinctive landmark of the Parque del Manzanares is Dominique Perrault's Centro Deportivo Multifunctional del Manzanares, built to bolster Spain's application to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Stay Cool With GKD Metal Fabric Architecture

August 16, 2016 | Beyond The Weave

GKD woven stainless steel facades are as functional for sunshading as they are striking. In many instances the metal fabric material is specified for detailed, reflective and aesthetically pleasing qualities, but what ultimately beats the heat are its sunshading, daylighting, and sustainable benefits. In the summer months especially, GKD Metal Fabric offers relief from harsh direct sunlight and solar heating. The transparent stainless steel fabrics make a modern statement for any project, while providing natural ventilation and comfort.

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Roller Shutters Made Of Metal Mesh Are The Perfect Combination Of Elegance And Security

August 09, 2016 | Projects

Until now, secure shutter solutions in shopping malls, underground garages or kiosks only rarely impressed through their appealing aesthetics. But now, the new roller door and shutter system made of stainless steel mesh from GKD is setting new standards for both indoor and outdoor applications: with its transparency and the ability to use light to create a unique appearance, both typical properties of metal mesh, it unites an exceptional appearance with maximum functionality. Measuring up to eight meters wide and five meters high, the roll-up shutter systems offer options in the architectural design of attractive shutters for shop doors, counters or entrances that have been unimaginable until now.

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Stainless Steel Spiral GKD Meshes Clad Mobile Event Stages At The Spielbudenplatz

August 02, 2016 | Projects

As a red-light district and the “birthplace” of the Beatles, St. Pauli and Hamburg’s Reeperbahn enjoy worldwide cult status. Tourists from all over the world, but also the inhabitants of Hamburg themselves, are spellbound by the attractions of this throbbing district with its unique blend of red-light milieu, alternative and traditional cultural venues, modern living and working. For more than twenty years, the Spielbudenplatz, the actual heart of this melting pot, lay derelict. After the demolition of the glass pavilion built there in the 60s, this square for recreation and amusement originally built at the end of the 18th century became an urban eyesore. As a core element in the identity of the whole district, the question of how it should be renovated became the subject of years of controversial discussion. In December 2004, the Berlin landscape architects Lützow 7 and the Hamburg architects Spengler Wiescholek were awarded the contract for the collaborative proposal they had submitted in an internationally publicized competition for the realization of a new Spielbudenplatz. The senate of Hamburg with its 1.7 million inhabitants decided to fund the realization of the 9.7 million Euro project from the special investment program Hamburg 2010. Of the total costs, 5.9 million Euro were allocated for the Spielbudenplatz; 3.8 million Euro for the Reeperbahn.

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