Beyond The Weave: Extraordinary Ceilings with Simplicity and Accessibility

May 19, 2015 | Beyond The Weave

Metal mesh ceilings from GKD are spectacular and for the most part, one of a kind. Urged by architects and designers, we developed ways for beauty of these meshes to be incorporated into highly desired, functional ceiling systems that can have a great range of looks too.

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GKD LEEDing The Way In Sustainable Building Products

May 12, 2015 | Sustainability

In the ever-growing multitude of green building products available in today’s market, one material that doesn’t always come straight to mind is stainless steel. But this often overlooked material holds a wealth of sustainability benefits that grow tenfold when applied and bolstered by technology such as woven metal mesh. GKD-USA has harnessed the inherent sustainability characteristics of stainless steel, using the material as a medium for creating striking, LEED-worthy building exteriors.

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Architects Design Residential Haven Inspired By Princess Leias Gold Bikini

May 05, 2015 | Projects

In the heart of St Kilda, a suburb of the southern Australian city of Melbourne, one can find one of the region's most impressive buildings in the form of the mysterious and appealing Luna Apartments. For the building’s extravagantly formed shell, the architects chose bronze-colored anodized GKD. Inspired by Princess Leia’s infamous gold bikini the architects of Elenberg Fraser state, “While Luna’s curvaceous form echoes the draping lines of Leia’s usual white robes, the shimmering gold glass and metal mesh materials are matched perfectly with the colours and textures of the gold brassiere.”

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Striking Metal Mesh Ceilings To Replace Conventional Systems

April 27, 2015 | News

State-of-the-art ceiling systems meet the demands of modern interior architecture. As a key component of room design, their form, function and material make a significant contribution to the well-being and comfort of those using the room. A ceiling solution can be mounted quickly and without the need for structural modifications, regardless of the respective room layout. GKD, world market leader in the field of woven architectural and design metal fabric, offers innovative ceiling solutions made of stainless steel and aluminum mesh from a single source. They combine the extraordinary visual appearance of the woven texture with a high level of acoustic comfort and effective light deflection.

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