Illumesh® LED Mesh Façade Lighting

Illumesh® LED façade lighting creates nighttime radiance and visuals of dramatic scale and proportion. System-integrated LED lighting, installed using special unobtrusive fixtures, project light on the reflective metal mesh surface to create a breathtaking display with virtually invisible cabling.

The illumination span of the Illumesh® LED mesh façade lighting system is controlled by the angling of the LEDs. They can be focused on a specific area, or blanket the entire façade, and create lighting effects using individually programmed lighting concepts. Compared to conventional illumination systems, Illumesh LED façade lighting offers higher resolution imagery, weather and temperature resistance, and excels as an Internet-operated, high-performance media surface.

* Illumesh® is protected under patent 8,056,586 B2. Other patents may apply.


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