Mediamesh® Stainless Steel LED Mesh

GKD Metal Fabrics' Mediamesh® is a stainless-steel wire mesh with LED lights interwoven to transform any building into a dynamic, vivid communication experience. Easily installed over any building surface, this stainless-steel LED mesh fabric is ideal for large scale applications and can cover four times the surface area of traditional billboards with as much as 80% less electricity. Additionally, with up to 60% transparency, this LED mesh allows natural daylighting and ventilation to reach the building’s surface. 

Constructed of T316 series stainless steel metal fabric, Mediamesh® features the fundamental qualities of woven metal – durability, aesthetics, transparency, flexibility, security – but with unprecedented artistic and communicative capabilities.


Mediamesh is protected under patent 7,513,644 B2. Other patents may apply. 


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