Beyond The Weave: The Evolution of GKD Metal Weaving

March 3, 2015

Metal wires are woven just like textiles. Since 1915, GKD has woven its metal on looms. Our current advanced looms are robust and at the same time, technically on the cutting edge. Stainless steels like T 316L and T904L, as well as many other metals, are woven down to extremely tight single digit micron openings using wires as fine as .0008” in diameter. GKD is the number one driving force behind achieving technical metal weaving advancements.

Weave patterns and styles vary from plain, twill, dutch and reverse versions, from simple to the complex, to gain desired openings, geometry, retention and texture characteristics. Additionally, round wire, shaped wires and multi-filament cables are used to provide these attributes as well as provide an aesthetic and mechanical feature to weaves.

From fine weave machines producing at thousands of “beats per minute,” to large looms producing mesh to 26 feet wide, to intermediate looms, all allow us to produce the offerings desired and required by our worldwide customer base.

Our technical design and interpretive software allows us to weave, test, troubleshoot and demonstrate in a virtual environment that is highly accurate, expediting solutions to problems and reducing the R and D to an extremely short time frame. And, a weave designed in our software skips the trial and error period, going instead to the loom for production.

Managing Director Ingo Kufferath refers to the sound of weaving in the weaving halls as the sound of a symphony orchestra.

What started as a basic weaving form of warp and weft (length wires and width wires) has become far more complex, and in the process, has produced far more solutions to a broad array of applications.

From Wire To Mesh Video

Dave Carduff is a Graduate of Salisbury University, BS Business Administration. Began working in the metal weaving industry in 1982, selling woven wire mesh products and solving problems in just about every conceivable application and environment. I learned that, where there is a challenge, there is almost always a way to solve that challenge. Has been with GKD-USA since 2000, where he held marketing and technical sales positions.

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