Draw Attention and Transform Buildings into a Media Icon with GKD Mediamesh

September 13, 2017 | Sustainability


Architects and building owners are constantly looking for new ways to create interesting façades. Whether displaying advertising to passersby or providing information regarding weather, sports scores or the stock market, these attention-grabbing installations also offer a myriad of secondary benefits, including sunshading and privacy.


As the leading provider of woven metal fabric for architectural solutions worldwide, we have spent two decades innovating and perfecting transparent media façade technology. The result is Mediamesh®, a stainless steel wire mesh interwoven with LED lights that can transform any building into a dynamic, vivid experience of communication.


Easily installed over any building surface, this mesh is ideal for large scale applications and can cover four times the surface area of traditional billboards with 80% less electricity. And with up to 60% transparency, the mesh allows for natural daylighting and ventilation to reach the buildings surface.



The Silver Screen of the 21st Century

Since its introduction, Mediamesh has been embraced by the architectural community for its versatility and ability to enhance a façade. Through digital technology and the visual power of energy-efficient LEDs, everything from branding graphics to video, live broadcast to conceptual art, can be displayed on what has become the “silver screen” of the 21st century.


This silver screen also offers architects, designers, facility managers, building owners and occupants a wide variety of benefits. Not only can it transform nearly any structure into a dynamic communications medium, it is easily installed over many surfaces, conforming to a building’s unique shape and design.


Mediamesh is able to withstand climate extremes including hurricane force winds, frigid cold and searing heat. Thanks to stainless steel architectural fabric with a profile less than one inch thick it provides a clean viewing experience.


The display also offers multiple viewing solutions that consider distance, angles and resolution due to superior electronics and LED technology.



A Turnkey Solution

Mediamesh incorporates all of these attributes along with significant performance and construction benefits that can only come from GKD. A patented system of LED tubing is integrated into our robust stainless steel metal fabric, ensuring a long lifecycle. An exceptionally deep color palette adds remarkable brilliance, and adjustable vertical and horizontal resolution means maximum customizability.


Thanks to our partnership with technology Daktronics, the control system allows for the display of advanced graphics, animations, video clips and real-time data feeds. This also allows the system to automatically adjust brightness depending on lighting conditions and weather.


The average installation is approximately four times the size of a traditional billboard, meaning GKD Mediamesh façades allow a longer and broader viewing range and greater message rotation. Our products can also support a wide range of advertisers on one display without compromising graphic quality of the message.


This all comes together to create a turnkey solution with long-term cost effectiveness and a quick return on investment for your client or building owner.



Learn More

If you’re interested in creating a dynamic media presentation that will draw attention and transform a building into a media icon, contact us today. Our team is happy to discuss the full array of custom installations and recommend the right product to meet your needs.





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