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June 21, 2016 | Beyond The Weave

Stantec is an international design firm operating in over 400 locations across six continents. The company dates back to 1954 where Dr. Don Stanley founded it as a one-person firm. His persistence early on achieved market recognition for the company.  Today Stantec is one of the world’s top three design firms; thanks, in part, to a recent merger with MWH Global, Inc.

Stantec’s work includes two major GKD Mediamesh projects; both located in the United States. Each project exhibits similarities in their success with advancing the quality of life in communities they serve. Student projects can be seen from great distances displayed on a custom Mediamesh façade at The Cleveland Institute of Art. A digital display using woven stainless steel fabric, integrated with LEDs Mediamesh, enhances the Mellon Independence Center Building in Philadelphia. Each project demonstrates a unique solution, designed by Stantec, using digital display materials by GKD.

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Designing at the “intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships,” it makes sense that the architects and engineers at Stantec chose a unique approach to reinvigorating two already built structures with interactive media. 

The university in Cleveland needed a transparent, contemporary form of digital media to display student artwork, photos and video sequences. The project required Stantec to work closely with the school to come up with a solution. What resulted required a challenging installation process while the school was in session. GKD was a valuable partner in the project since they oversaw every step of the process from design to fabrication and installation. Together GKD partners and Stantec engineered a dead load anchor to the top of the building to hold the weight of the display. For a school that fosters creativity, it’s a fitting solution that offers many benefits.

Mellon, Independence, Center, Building, Philadelphia, Lit, Brothers, Department, Store, Rooftop, GKD, Mediamesh, Installation

Stantec faced a challenge to modernize an iconic element of a historic downtown building in Philadelphia. Where once there was stationary, transparent signage, the architects chose GKD’s digital display Mediamesh metal fabric. Since the previous signage was transparent metal too, it was an easy jump for the architects to choose digital display metal fabric. Now, a 14-foot display reaches over the retail building displaying relevant information about current events in Philadelphia. The display is a delicate balance between innovation and maintenance of the historic integrity of the building.

It is often hard to quantify the impact design has on the lives it effects. The artistic qualities of Mediamesh directly allow buildings to interact and share relevant media with a community. With the benefits of engaging, meaningful digital display, the impact becomes as transparent as the woven metal mesh itself. 

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