Conference Room Wows With Beautiful Twelve Panel GKD Metal Mesh Ceiling

November 03, 2015 | Case Histories

 Project Name:  King Design Conference Room
 Location:  Baltimore, Maryland
 Client:  Commercial Group
 Application:  Ceiling, Interior
 GKD Metal Fabric:  Atlantic

The Commercial Group, founded in 1990 in Baltimore City, was originally a drywall contractor and has since expanded into real estate development, general contracting and construction management. They now work internationally with their sister companies, Commercial Development, Commercial Construction and Commercial Interiors. For their conference room, they commissioned GKD to design, manufacture and install a custom metal fabric ceiling. 

Commercial Group, Baltimore, King Design Conference Room Ceiling, GKD Metal Fabric Atlantic

GKD was primarily chosen by the client for its aesthetic properties, ease of installation and accessibility. Unlike traditional ceiling materials, GKD’s meshes offer larger panel sizes and unique weave patterns that make each ceiling one of a kind. Ceilings can either be acoustically neutral or acoustic, depending on the addition of an acoustic blanket. Acoustics were not the primary objective for this particular ceiling application, as the client was looking more for an attractive mesh material that was semi-opaque. 

Commercial Group, Baltimore, King Design Conference Room Ceiling, GKD Metal Fabric Atlantic

According to Tom Bialk, GKD’s solar engineer and designer, “The representatives at Commercial Group were looking for a ceiling material that had some acoustical properties but was also attractive. They were particularly drawn to GKD’s metal mesh when discovering that its tight weave would partially cover their existing ceiling without being able to see directly through it.” 

Commercial Group, Baltimore, King Design Conference Room Ceiling, GKD Metal Fabric Atlantic

The project used GKD Atlantic metal mesh using the clip attachment system. Ceiling panels are sized and usually formed into a “pan” shape, which provides panel stability and also a finished appearance.  The grid support network is above the ceiling panels, which are secured by clips from the grid system. Such a system is readily demounted for access to ductwork, plumbing or wiring, should these tasks be necessary. Spacing between rows of panels varies, providing space for sprinklers or lighting and allows for airflow.  

One of the only challenges seen in this particular project, from design to its installation, was locating the light fixtures and corrective field dimensions. Because GKD’s mesh is custom engineered for its applications, it can be bored and trimmed to accommodate lighting, sprinkler and other fixtures. Commercial Group was left with a “beautiful and functional ceiling.”

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