Create Visually Stunning Parking Structures Without Sacrificing Function and Ventilation

November 30, 2017 | Projects


There are no longer limitations to how good a parking structure can look – or how safe and secure it can be. That’s why façade manufacturers have developed systems and hardware to easily incorporate stainless steel fabric into parking structures. Not only does this create an environment for vehicle security and visual appeal, because of the material’s transparent characteristic, no mechanical systems are required to ventilate the building – translating into energy and cost savings.


Form Meets Function

At GKD, we set out to create a variety of panels that utilize different stainless steel metal fabric weaves to accomplish the specific design and functionality goals. These include Futura, Helix, Sambesi, Tigris and our full range of Omega products. Each product features a unique warp and weft, allowing architects and designers to select the right weave and panel for the right project. Etching and multiple panel sizes and shape options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes designing parking structure façades with metal.


Metal fabric panels are cost-effective installations that provide facility managers with an easily maintained product and a substantial lifespan. The panels also protect the interior of parking structures, occupants and vehicles from the elements. This includes rain, wind, snow and ice. Thanks to a balustrade effect, pedestrian safety is also enhanced, as is security from unwanted guests and animals when placed on the lower levels of structure.


 GKD Metal Fabric Parking Garage Facade Product Options


As architects and designers of parking structures continue to design for maximum airflow and vehicle exhaust ventilation, metal fabric provides an attractive alternative without turning to loud and intrusive fans and other HVAC systems. Some products feature a 50% open area for optimum airflow and increased visibility when necessary.  


An eco-friendly material with a sustainable manufacturing process, GKD metal fabric panels are helping push the design aesthetic of parking structures forward while adding functional benefits at the same time. 


Here are just three of many GKD projects from around the country that provide unique benefits and undeniable presence:


Hartford Hospital Parking Garage

Designed by Perkins + Will in conjunction with Desman Associates, this 9-level structure provides parking for more than 1,000 Hartford Hospital employees. The exterior façade is composed of articulated precast panels, woven metal fabric screening and terra cotta colored perforated metal. This includes 126 GKD panels covering more than 27,500 square feet of the structure. The design team chose 104 Lago and 22 Tigris panels to provide sunshading and ventilation while allowing for natural lighting to reduce electricity costs. The structure connects to an adjacent hospital building by an overhead pedestrian bridge, making it a convenient addition to the Hartford Hospital campus.


GKD Metal Fabric Parking Garage Facade Hartford Hospital Project

Samsung American Headquarters

The Samsung American Headquarters Parking Structure is enveloped in 36,000 square feet of Omega 1520 metal fabric. The 70 massive panels are artistically upgraded with color coating from GKD in the design provided by Samsung’s design team. The overall aesthetic evokes a natural element as if vines were winding their way from top to bottom. We used a special process to layout, apply the coating, match the panels and then install them all on site. The GKD team also supplied the engineering, substructure and mounting hardware.


GKD Metal Fabric Parking Garage Facade Samsung North American Headquarters


New World Symphony Parking Garage

As winner of the Award of Excellence for New Parking Structures by the Florida Parking Association, the New World Symphony project pushes the aesthetic impact of parking structures to a new level in Miami Beach, FL. The energy-efficient structure prominently features 49 Helix 12 metal fabric panels as the primary exterior façade element. LED lights glow in different colors throughout the evening, an effect created through reflection. The metal fabric also maximizes natural lighting and ventilation, offering safety, security and the ability to withstand hurricane force winds.


GKD Metal Fabric Parking Garage Facade New World Systems Project


Design with Mettle

Whether you’re designing a parking garage from the ground up, or transforming an existing structure from bland to stunningly modern, GKD Metal Fabrics shares your passion for taking on new challenges. 

Today, our metal fabric facades do everything from balancing daylight and solar gain to providing safety and improving ventilation. What they’ll do tomorrow is up to you. Learn how GKD can help you design with mettle, and leave your mark of courage, vision and design prowess on the parking structure industry.


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