GKD Helps Children In Need By Donating Toys For Annual Toy Drive

December 20, 2016 | News

For the seventh year in a row, GKD has partnered with the Rescue Fire Company of Cambridge, Maryland for their Annual Toy Drive. This year, the fourteen children chosen include seven boys and seven girls ranging in age from toddler to 14. The gifts, some specific some generic, are donated by GKD employees and placed under the company Christmas tree until the Cambridge Volunteer Fire Company collects them. Santa riding on the fire truck then delivers the presents to the local children. 

GKD USA Metal Fabrics, Christmas Toy Drive

According to Elsie Gerdom of GKD’s Human Resources Department, “We are blessed to have wonderful people in our company and in our community that have the desire to do good for others. We are simply thrilled to participate in our small way in this program.”

GKD USA Metal Fabrics, Christmas Toy Drive

Christmas is the perfect opportunity for community involvement. It is important for GKD to remain active in Cambridge, and Christmas is always a great way to give back to local families.

GKD USA Metal Fabrics, Christmas Toy Drive

Again, the Rescue Fire Company in Cambridge continues to provide this amazing outlet for companies to help families and local children. Their efforts exceed present giving; they also provide food and Christmas trees to families as well. Christmas is a time for giving, we’re happy to do our part in making this holiday season a joyous one for all. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season from the GKD family to you and yours!

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