GKD Metal Fabrics Interweaving Excellence From Concept To Completion

August 24, 2015 | Beyond The Weave

In 1925, a group of German engineers created what would evolve into the most technically advanced weaving mill of metal fabrics for filtration and industrial use in the world. As the company grew, its metal fabric line evolved and revolutionized how architectural structures are enhanced aesthetically, augmented functionally and optimized economically. Today, drawing on more than 90 years of experience, GKD Metal Fabrics’ engineers produce technologically advanced woven metal fabric solutions from concept to completion.


At GKD we surpass competitors with our ability to be actively involved in the process from concept to completion. We not only manufacturer but also install our material, ensuring quality assurance with every project. This is achieved with a thorough and integrated staff. Each department at GKD plays an integral role in the bridge between an envisioned project and the end result. We have an intricate network of sales personnel, engineers, project managers, fabricators and installers.

Project Manager Sandra Hummer maintains a close relationship with clientele while also coordinating internal departments, serving as “the bridge,” she states, "After we receive the approved shop drawings from the customer, it is my responsibility to get each project done on time and within budget. Working in close collaboration with our engineering, production and installation teams, I serve as the bridge between departments."  


Working closely with the project management team is the engineering department, Vice President Mike Spangler explains,

“In the engineering department, we’re responsible for taking the artistic concept from the architect and blending it into the structural engineering requirements and the interface of the structure. Creating a workable design for what can be achieved from the architect’s requirements, in the most cost effective manner. As with any project, there can be technical challenges for what is truly feasible with a building material, it’s our job to engineer an architect’s artistic concept.”

Each department would agree that time is one of the most important components of a project, "We have very specific lead times and in working with our production plant we can give customers a detailed timeframe, working as hard as we can throughout every department, from production to installation, to ensure we remain on schedule,” explains Hummer.


Those lead times and the ability of our plant to manufacture within strict time constaints is further explained by our Plant Manager Leon Shockley,


Although we are a one-shift operation, we have capabilities to operate 24/7. If numerous projects are being completed at once, we have the capacity to work more hours until the job is done. This is accomplished by transferring personnel from other departments into the architectural facility. The diversity and flexibility of the staff is due to cross training that we work towards daily so each worker has the ability of working in any department from the industrial manufacturing side of mesh production to the architectural."



As an accent material, intricately woven and delicate, our attention to the detail of the product and the assurance of arriving on site in good condition is seen from manufacturing to installation. Maintained by Shockley, “We ensure that every product that leaves is of the quality we, and the customer, expect. We also maintain a high priority on the packaging of the materials to guarantee the high quality material always arrives in pristine condition.”

GKD proudly offers a variety of service options, allowing the customer to use their own contractor for the installation process or also supervisory oversight conducted by a GKD representative for on-site troubleshooting. Mace Conley, of the GKD installation department, explains, “If clients decide to subcontract or complete their own installation we suggest a one-day supervision to ensure the quality of installation is consistent. Unlike flat metal panels, metal mesh is intricately designed and therefore requires specialized attention to that detail. GKD representatives oversee every project in the country during or after installation.”


Conley explains further, “I travel all over the country to oversee every GKD project after production. This ensures that there is a standard for architects and designers to expect when choosing GKD metal fabric or Mediamesh. The installation process is quite meticulous and we ensure the panels are installed within less than 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch in every project.”

The ability to be actively present from a project’s conceptual drawings to its eventual completion is uniquely GKD’s. Our highly trained staff is equipped to deal with strict time and budget constaints and has a thorough knowledge of the capabilities of every GKD Metal Fabric product. "Working with each internal department, as well as with the customer, is like fitting together a puzzle that will ultimately determine the end result of the project. Our goal with every new job is to exceed our customer expectations, have a great project and clean installation, with an end result of a satisfied customer,” Hummer states.


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