GKD Metal Mesh Creates Vibrant Façade for Thailand’s Tallest Tower

August 21, 2017 | Projects

One of the most sought-after tourist destinations, Thailand is a culturally diverse melting pot. Although the country held the
record for foreign tourist visits in 2016, Thailand had very few contemporary architectural landmarks for citizens to enjoy and foreigners to marvel at – until recently.

German architect Ole Scheeren developed the MahaNakhon, Bangkok’s newest mixed-use structure. The urban hub spans 442,913 sq. ft. and features 77 stories that stand at 1,030 ft. tall. The tower features a belt of spiraled perforated-glass balconies and terraces that give the outward appearance of a pixelated, staggered arrangement. The MahaNakhon is complemented by a seven-story shopping center known as the Cube, as well as a self-service parking garage, bar/restaurant, 209 luxury apartments and 155 hotel rooms.

Another highlight of the tower is the 11,482 sq. ft. Skybar, providing panoramic views of Bangkok from 984 feet high. However, the MahaNakhon’s true character is found in the staggered glass balconies and terraces. From a distance, the fragmented pixel belt resembles a helix – an association that was consciously chosen by the architect as a synonym for genesis and development. At the same time, the image of the pixels provides appealing intricacies to the urban structure.

Metal Mesh Makes a Statement

The winding pixelated belt begins at the peak of the tower and extends in a downward spiral. Within the belt, spacious atriums and outdoor areas are designed for public events and gatherings. Additionally, a parking tower rises behind the Cube, offering space for nearly 900 cars containing a self-service automated parking system.

To adapt the appearance of the parking garage to the ambience of the city, the architect chose shimmering GKD PC-Sambesi stainless steel mesh for the cladding. A total of 464 framed panels, each nine and a half feet high and six feet wide, subtly enhance the visual appearance. GKD Sambesi features low-maintenance solar protection and reliable fall guard properties, which were crucial design objectives for the building.


The attractive exterior of the building fulfills two functional roles: it serves as reliable fall guard protection on all floors and plays a key role in supporting the environmentally friendly initiatives of the MahaNakhon complex. In the tropical climate of Bangkok, the light and air-permeable metal mesh proves its worth as an effective solar protection solution, enabling natural climate control of the tower. Because daylight can enter the building freely, less electric lighting is required. In monsoon season, the mesh also protects the parked vehicles elements. The stainless steel, which is almost 100 percent recyclable at the end of its service life, improves the ecological footprint of the building. Since its opening in 2016, the country’s tallest building is in constant use with the city’s native people and the millions of tourists who visit each year.


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