Metal Mesh Façades Provide Facilities with a Green New Lease on Life

March 22, 2017 | Sustainability

As the originator and leader of flexible metal fabric façades, GKD has spent several decades perfecting the concept, design, engineering and installation of this unique and innovative material. While there are countless new building projects that incorporate GKD from early design stages, some of our greatest achievements have come from retrofit, renovation and refurbishment projects around the world.

We have helped architects, designers and facility owners put “new faces” on buildings of almost every type, shape, size and age, and in doing so have given these facilities and their tenants a new lease on life. Thanks to dynamic textures and patterns, and mechanics that are hidden from view, GKD metal mesh:

  • Can cover old or visually unappealing building
  • Provides sun shading, helping to regulate temperature and lower HVAC costs
  • Brings partial privacy to contemporary glass façades, without blocking natural light (adding to the health and wellness of a space)
  • Allows architects and designers of infrastructure projects (remodeled parking lots, bus terminals, etc.) to cover up poor design and provide enclosed spaces that meet ventilation requirements

In addition to its fundamental attributes, metal mesh façades have exceptional aesthetics with a combination of durability, maintenance and longevity. Material transportation costs are also lower than traditional metal panels thanks to reduced weight and material usage.

As a company dedicated to innovation and excellence, we are also committed to furthering our environmental stewardship. The steel we use contains post-industrial and post-consumer material and our metal fabrics can be re-used and recycled after the initial lifecycle has ended.

Building a Business Case for Green Design
Based on these design and performance attributes, our metal fabric is a contributor to LEED points under the Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation and Design and Site Selection categories of the USGBC.

Considering that in United States alone, buildings account for almost 40 percent of national CO2 emissions and out-consume both the industrial and transportation sectors, this contribution is an important benefit to the A&D community. It also helps architects and designers create a better business case for utilizing products like metal mesh in renovation, retrofit and refurbishment projects.

In a recent report, the USGBC wrote that, “As the demand for more sustainable building options increases, green construction is becoming increasingly profitable and desirable within the international construction market.” In addition, as the market responds at a dramatic rate, global green building projects of all varieties (new and retrofit) will double every three years. Here’s why:

  • Green building is cost-effective
  • The benefits of green building are expanding the market and breaking records
  • LEED buildings perform better and are internationally acclaimed
  • Green buildings use natural resources more efficiently, lowering both utility bills and impact on the environment.

As architects, designers, facility managers and owners seek to update the look of their commercial buildings, they have a trusted partner in GKD. As the leader and originator of flexible metal fabric façades, we have the experience and knowledge to design, fabricate and install innovative metal mesh façades for a variety of applications. With a continued focus on environmental stewardship, and a proven track record with LEED and the USGBC, the benefits will help the A&D community find new purpose for old and tired spaces, giving them a new lease on life in the process.


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