Old Textile Factory Is Transformed With Wave Of Custom GKD Metal Mesh

October 06, 2015 | Projects

As with many European cities, the remnants of the era of industrialization are seen in factory and production site buildings whose initial function are no longer needed. Lille was designated the European Capital of Culture of 2004, which allowed for the initiation of a large reconstruction project. The project, Maison Folie, encompassed the vast reconstruction of twelve industrial buildings in Lille and also in Belgium.

Maison Folie, Lille, France, Nox Architects, GKD Escale 5 x 1, Metal Fabrics

Breathing new life into an old textile factory, Lars Spuybroek of Nox Architects designed the core piece of the Maison Folie de Wazemmes. The building, used now for theatrical and concert performances, fashion shows and the arts, features an undulating metal fabric structure. GKD’s flexible, custom designed, “Mini” Escale made the complex concave and convex curves of the building’s remarkable façade possible.

Maison Folie, Lille, France, Nox Architects, GKD Escale 5 x 1, Metal Fabrics

According to authors at Mapolis Arhcitecture Magazine, “In front of the new building’s black volume, a filigree mesh façade has been hung. This shiny shell appears almost holographic due to its wave-shaped surface. Depending on the angle of the light coming in the people passing by keep getting another impression. Through this impressive façade the NOX architects have created a sight that has become a brand and a center of attraction for the city.”

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