Roller Shutters Made Of Metal Mesh Are The Perfect Combination Of Elegance And Security

August 09, 2016 | Projects

Until now, secure shutter solutions in shopping malls, underground garages or kiosks only rarely impressed through their appealing aesthetics. But now, the new roller door and shutter system made of stainless steel mesh from GKD is setting new standards for both indoor and outdoor applications. With its transparency and the ability to use light to create a unique appearance, both typical properties of metal mesh, it unites an exceptional appearance with maximum functionality. Measuring up to 26 feet wide and 16 feet high, the roll-up shutter systems offer options in the architectural design of attractive shutters for shop doors, counters or entrances that have been unimaginable until now. 

A long service life, low maintenance costs and a high degree of functional reliability are common requirements of roller doors and shutters. As a high-quality alternative to conventional folding grilles and roller shutters, GKD now presents an innovative motorized shutter system made of metal mesh. The translucent and air-permeable stainless steel construction is virtually maintenance-free in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its previously unheard-of combination of elegance and robustness makes it ideal for a variety of sophisticated building solutions. As such, its possible applications range from use as a night shutter for large display windows in shopping malls, through entrances and exits for hotel underground garages, office buildings, airports, stadia or residential units, right through to the separation of access areas in industry or gastronomy. 

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Despite their filigree feel as a woven texture, the strong roller doors and shutters prevent unwanted access and theft while at the same time ensuring optimum ventilation and an unhindered view of the areas behind. In this way they enable an area to be partitioned into sections without compromising the representative overall impression. In particular, the system offers subtle design possibilities for demanding interior design projects for public areas or residential units with exclusive utilization zones. Individually adapted light concepts regulate the transparency or opacity of the mesh and emphasize features through reflections. Three different mesh types made of stainless steel offer planners with virtually unlimited scope. Depending on the desired degree of light transmission, the roller systems are available with the GKD meshes Tigris, Lago or Sambesi. 

Roller, Shutters, Display, Windows, GKD, Metal, Fabric, Tigris, Lago, Sambesi, Photography, GKD

The all-in-one system from GKD comprised of mesh, motor, guide rails, end profiles and wall switches is a complete solution from a single source. The system is perfectly matched and easy to install, ensuring that the shutters are up and running quickly and easily. Furthermore, the optimized lateral guides guarantee permanently quiet, smooth opening and closing. The durability and functional reliability of the motorized roller shutters made of metal mesh make them a convenient alternative for safe night shutters and access regulations. The external GfA drive with digital limit switches is designed for continuous operation and also impresses with its extremely quiet operation, even when used frequently. Fast raising and lowering of the elegant roller doors underlines the high level of convenience through a smooth traffic flow.

The shutters, which can be actuated from the inside or outside, provide for the level of security particularly required for public areas in every operation phase through integrated dead man's control. Moreover, GKD offers an optional light curtain for an even higher level of security in easily accessible areas. The roller doors and shutters are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel in line with European safety standards and are weather-resistant and easy to maintain. Their space-saving design fits discreetly into the respective architecture, thereby opening up a wide variety of elegant application options. This makes the innovative roller shutters made of stainless steel mesh ideal for renowned stores, hotels or companies looking to implement global concepts, as well as for individual solutions. 

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