Stay Cool With GKD Metal Fabric Architecture

August 16, 2016 | Beyond The Weave

GKD woven stainless steel facades are as functional for sunshading as they are striking. In many instances the metal fabric material is specified for detailed, reflective and aesthetically pleasing qualities, but what ultimately beats the heat are its sunshading, daylighting, and sustainable benefits. In the summer months especially, GKD Metal Fabric offers relief from harsh direct sunlight and solar heating. The transparent stainless steel fabrics make a modern statement for any project, while providing natural ventilation and comfort. 

Beat, The, Heat, GKD, Metal, Fabrics 


By the time August rolls around, blazing hot summer days are the norm. Fortunately, buildings are designed to minimize the effects of harsh direct sunlight, while keeping cool during daylight and soaring 100-degree weather. The use of woven stainless steel helps to reduce the need for interior climate control, while also eliminating the need for artificial light during the day. GKD metal mesh panels envelope building facades made of glass, metal and other cladding materials to provide protection from direct sunlight and solar heat. 


The specification of a metal mesh façade offers relief from heat by acting as a breathable cladding material. GKD offers sustainable woven fabrics with varying open area weaves that range from 0% to 71%. Open weave is the amount of light and fresh air permitted through a woven metal mesh panel. Combine the open area weave with the attachment system (that is only necessary at the top and bottom of each panel) and ventilation is guaranteed between a building’s façade and outer metal mesh panel. This assures that light and air circulation is still permitted through the exterior cladding material, but drastically cuts down on solar heating. GKD Metal Fabrics are specified to allow enough natural sunlight to shine through that building occupants are receiving benefits from natural daylight without the discomfort from direct sun. Woven mesh material meets both lighting and sustainable goals for all sorts of cultural, educational, commercial and residential projects.

Beat, The, Heat, GKD, Metal, Fabrics


On a broader scale, GKD helps to reduce heat by offering a completely sustainable and recyclable solution for building design. The material is heat and moisture resistant, and durable - lasting up to 100 years. Metal mesh fabrics are often comprised of up to 35% post-industrial and 25% post-consumer recycled content. The metal fabric can be deconstructed and reused into something new without creating unnecessary waste. The material is non-corrosive and holds up under extreme conditions to include: heat, fire, impact, and wind. Stainless steel woven fabric can withstand wind speeds up to 146mph. It is for the energy efficiency and sustainable qualities of the material that metal fabrics often win LEED and LEED Platinum recognition in the architectural market. 

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) determines whether a project meets environmental and sustainable design parameters and awards the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Metal Fabrics keeps you chill by keeping the planet cool through green building solutions and leading the way with LEED certified buildings.

From macro to micro benefits, metal fabrics keep you cool. They cast shade through glass structures and shields from direct sunlight all year long and not just in extreme heat during summer months. The material does this while creating a transparent, reflective and completely sustainable exterior garment to a façade that is equally beautiful and functional. 

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