The Cal ISO Headquarters Wins LEED Platinum With GKD Metal Fabrics

September 23, 2013 | Case Histories


 Cal ISO Headquarters


 Folsom, CA


 California Independent Systems Operator Corp.


 Dreyfuss and Blackford


 Clark Construction

 Completion Date:


 GKD Metal Fabrics Product: 

 Omega 1510

The company headquarters of California Independent System Operator Corporation, known as Cal ISO, controls all of the power in California, and they are leading by example. The innovate technology of GKD metal fabrics has contributed to their LEED Platinum certification. Architect Kris Barkley, who was responsible for the conception of the Cal ISO Headquarters, incorporated the ground-breaking metal fabric of GKD for sunshades on the exterior of the building. By choosing GKD Metal Fabrics, Cal ISO opted for sustainable lighting and cooling methods while optimizing ventilation, use of natural light, and comfortable interior air temperature.

In fact, Cal ISO’s use of GKD Metal Fabrics sunshading was so successful that it achieved the most notable difference in curtainwall temperature in recent GKD projects. Those areas of the building shaded by metal fabrics sunshades achieved 17% lower surface temperatures, even in high air temperature of 90 degrees. Un-shaded areas were as hot as 121 degrees, while shaded wall space was maintained at 100 degrees. This difference in surface temperature was retained within the building as well, where shaded areas of wall and floor alike were still substantially cooler.   

The metal fabrics sunshading reduces the carbon footprint with minimized cooling and electricity usage, but the effects of the sunshades don’t stop at efficiency—they are equally inspiring for the Cal ISO staff. Building operation managers have also said that employees at the Headquarters have been motivated by efforts to go green company-wide. Many have pledged to eat healthier and ride bikes to work, among other efforts to uphold the standard to sustainability that was sparked by GKD Metal Fabrics.

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