Classic Private Residence Transformed With Modern GKD Daylighting System

May 16, 2016

Nestled in the lush green landscape of Stuttgart, Germany is an impressive private residence. The property recently underwent a renovation by the German firm, Behnisch Architekten. The main structural design focus went into the upper level of the building originally built in the 1930s. The idea for the new upper floor was to involve the surrounding thick woodland, while also allowing views of the city and nearby vineyards.

Behnisch Architekten strictly adhered to a sustainable solution for the design. In doing so, a premier metallic mesh by GKD was specified for the cantilevers on the south and west sides of the house. The design element provides a point of interest without dominating the existing structure, while also offering sun protection in the moderate climate. Stuttgart is known to experience over 150 days of sunshine per year.

The second story design features roll-up sun protection systems to shelter the upper floor from receiving a heavy influx of direct sunlight. The metal fabric solution made from GKD’s Licorne 13A has an open weave that also allows transparency to the outside. Undisrupted views are an important attribute for the open upper-level floor plan made possible by the metal mesh.

The metal fabric curtains diffuse 80 percent of solar energy input. The metal roller blinds are stunning in the sunlight as well. The metal fabric emphasizes the historical structure already in place; playing into a visionary aesthetic in addition to the functional and sustainable qualities. The modern metal material used for sunshading juxtaposes the existing first level of the building.

The second level expands into a living area that is approximately 500 square feet of an open floor plan. Inside, walnut panels are used to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere. The views from the new master bedroom are through floor to ceiling windows and provide panoramic views of breathtaking landscape. Metal mesh roller shutters modernize the design while protecting the interior from solar overheating.

The renovation offered an opportunity to utilize energy efficient materials for the new addition to the house, so the home is better able to retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. GKD Metal Fabric is a key component to the home’s energy efficiency, in addition to radiant panels that line the ceiling and floor. The Stuttgart home’s classic architectural design is enhanced with the use of a modern building material that creates a more contemporary and energy-efficient design.

information courtesy of Behnisch Architekten

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