Create Healthier Buildings with Metal Mesh

September 17, 2017

Architects, designers and facility managers have long sought to improve the health and safety of building occupants. From advances in ventilation to new building codes that address seismic and other extreme conditions, the past several decades have produced a wealth of changes that have led to safer, more environmentally conscious buildings. Even with advancements in technology, it has been challenging to make a noticeable impact on occupants.

However, most recently the A&D community began to invest in the physical health and wellness of individual workers. This includes designing commercial buildings that help reduce stress through acoustic management, daylighting and biophilic design principles. Together, these attributes boost productivity and job satisfaction, and create a happier workforce. They can also contribute to USGBC LEED v4 points, which places an emphasis on performance-based design and a focus on materials and resources. One of those materials is metal fabric.

A Façade for the Future

As the leader and originator of flexible metal fabric for commercial buildings, GKD is a mainstay in the concept, design, engineering and installation of metal façades. Our focus is to utilize manufacturing design and engineering to produce innovative solutions, which has allowed us to reface buildings of most every type, shape, size and age.

Solar Management to The Rescue

Transparency makes GKD metal fabric a natural solar management tool, benefiting building owners, occupants and the environment. The exterior or interior façade saves energy by reducing interior lighting and cooling needs. This in turn increases interior comfort levels and reduces power costs.

Smaller GKD panels can be used as an overhead sunshade to reduce a heat island effect, and reduce glare from windows and glass doors. Furthermore, since metal fabric is partly made from recycled material and can be recycled once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, it is a contributor to LEED goals in a number of areas.

Improving Air Quality for Parking Structures

The same design principles that make metal fabric a top choice for solar management also make it a candidate for wrapping parking structures. Depending on the weave, a 50% open area allows for high visibility and optimum airflow. Because of the material’s transparent characteristic, no mechanical systems are required for ventilation– translating into energy and cost savings.

Thankfully this does not come at the expense of design or protection. Metal fabric effectively provides shelter from the elements including rain, wind, snow and ice, and creates a secure environment that limits unwanted access from trespassers or would-be criminals.

From a design standpoint, we have developed the systems and hardware to incorporate stainless steel fabric into nearly any parking structure. Whether you are working on a retrofit project or building from the ground up, you can create an attractive, modern facility that is cost-effective and easily maintained.

Bringing the Outside In

Metal fabric allows architects to design without compromise. They can create a connection with the outside world without worrying about solar management, ventilation and privacy issues. This helps to foster relationships with nature, the basis of biophilic design.

The benefits of this design philosophy are wide-ranging, with multiple research reports tying visual connections to nature with overall physical and mental health. Other contributing factors include the use of natural materials, diffused lighting and biomorphic forms.

Trust the Experts

The GKD team is comprised of more than just product experts. We are a diverse group of architecture and building professionals who understand the philosophy behind design. We seek to create smarter and healthier environments for our clients. Plus, we understand the future of our industry and work to earn you LEED credits.

To learn how GKD can help you create healthier buildings, contact us today. We’re here to help.

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