Create Texture with Metal Fabrics from GKD

June 15, 2017

Texture can be the difference between creating a memorable building and one that blends into the background. A fundamental aspect of architecture and design, texture helps differentiate spaces within a building and create unique, experiential façades. Depending on the intensity and scale, texture has the ability to elicit strong reactions, and solve a variety of design problems.  

Metal fabrics offer architects and designers a powerful ally in creating texture. With a broad spectrum of fabric design, thickness, weight, width and transparency, metal fabrics from GKD are especially well suited to a diverse array of interior and exterior applications. This includes everything from signature ceilings to etched graphics to parking lot façades.

Regardless of the application, our unparalleled commitment to customization and versatility enables architects to design and specify metal fabrics that meet their individual functional and aesthetic needs. From sunshading that mimics the waves of the ocean to bronze anodized panels that appear as rich fabric cascading from the ceiling, our products achieve dramatic levels of texture and dimension.

The best way to understand how metal fabrics add texture and dimension is through our portfolio of projects. GKD has been specified and relied upon on a global level as providers of metal fabric solutions because of our design prowess and eagerness to help a project succeed. Below are five projects that use five different products to achieve unique and unexpected results.

The world`s furthest leaning tower, The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company’s Capital Gate Tower project is clad with Tigris 2100. The distinctive stainless steel ‘splash’ that descends from the 19th floor is a design element and a shading device that eliminates over 30 percent of the sun’s heat before it reaches the building. The splash also twists around towards the south to shield the tower as much as possible from direct sunlight.

The golden veil of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg is the structural highlight of the grand courtroom. A translucent suspended ceiling with a golden shimmer formed from 40 trapezoid-shaped bronze anodized Escale fabric panels, creates a contemporary interpretation of the classic dome. Timeless and inventive, this installation proves that metal fabric can be used as an elegant accessory in addition to its traditional role as a sunshade or external façade.

The parking structure at Samsung’s American Headquarters in San Jose, CA is enveloped in Omega 1520 metal fabric, artistically upgraded with color coating in the design provided by the brand. The design evokes a nature element as if vines were winding their way from top to bottom. GKD used a special process to layout, apply the coating, match the panels and then install them all on site. We also supplied the engineering, substructure and mounting hardware. Spanning 36,000 sq. ft., the 70-panel installation is impressive in size and unique in its textured, patterned surface.

The Minneapolis, MN Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (CCLRT) West Bank Station project features original art by Nancy Blum. She represented the area’s immigrant residents through organic patterns and the depiction of a migratory bird. The larger pattern was etched by GKD onto Omega metal fabric and the soaring bird imagery was fabricated of stainless steel by Fedtech and mounted onto Omega metal fabric. This project weaves artwork into the aesthetic, sunshade and safety functionality of GKD metal mesh.

As with other visionary projects involving metal fabric, the Beijing National Opera required a unique combination of performance and aesthetic properties. The transparent, suspended partitions act as a fireproof façade that reduces drafts and noise while allowing optimal air circulation in an open, yet protective way.

GKD developed a custom blended mesh for the project called Xinghai – named after a famous Chinese opera singer – made of aluminum weft wires anodized in two distinct shades of gold and hardly visible stainless steel warp wires. In a special process, the weft wires of the façade panels were woven together in a random color combination. Thanks to the existing concrete structure, no special or expensive substructure needed to be developed.

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