GKD Metal Fabric Provides Much Needed Sunshading On Streamsong Resort

September 6, 2016

A luxury resort in Bowling Green, Florida, The Streamsong Resort claims an ancient history as the foundation for its design inspiration. Prehistoric creatures once roamed the county creating deeply layered sediment and massive rock deposits in their wake. The small Florida County even earned the nickname, “bone valley.” With such rich history, architect Alberto Alfonso took care to incorporate each historical detail of the landscape through initial paintings and sketches. It is within this process, Alfonso, explored shapes, scale and light when creating his layered resort.

Influenced by the ancient elements of the land, a vertical stacking structure transpired for the lodge. Four layers representing the landscape emerged as the main structures of the project: Submersion, Bank, Canopy, and Sky.

Within the Submersion level there is a spa, fine dining, and a breezeway. The AcuaPietra Spa caters to a high-end clientele and boasts 7,000 square feet with seven interconnected therapeutic waterways. The breezeway offers relief from extreme Florida heat and torrential rain with a shaded, breezy passageway. Concrete columns are dispersed throughout the first level, separating distinct spaces and creating intimate environments.

The main lobby is located in the Bank level of the resort. Like a boat to a dock, this portion of the structure resembles tethers – metaphorically holding the building in place. Beyond the public spaces is the Canopy portion where 216 private rooms and suites are housed and intricately designed by the architect. From cabinetry to shutters, Alfonso had a hand in the interior aesthetic details of the resort.

Perhaps the most popular element of the entire resort is the Sky patio and roof lounge. Each evening a spectacular show is put on at sunset with an encore of sprawling stars across the navy Florida night. Sunshading would be a key necessity on the Sky patio with the proximity of the sun in Florida. Alfonso needed to shield guests from heat without obstructing views to the outside. The architect specified GKD stainless steel metal fabric Omega 1520 to wrap the glass lounge. The woven metal mesh material provided much needed sunshading with unhindered views of the open sky.

Metal fabric also offers durability, low-maintenance, and can withstand extreme wind and weather elements native to Florida’s hurricane seasons. Among traditional building materials used in the project, wood, concrete, and stone, GKD metal fabric blends seamlessly creating a lightweight façade that is reflective and functional for a luxurious destination.

information and photography courtesy of Archdaily

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