GKD Metal Fabrics BIM Files Are Now Available On Autodesk Seek

November 1, 2016

GKD Metal Fabrics has transformed their attachment systems and product catalog with Autodesk® Seek into 3-D Building Information Modeling Files (BIM) and two-dimensional drawings.

“With the use of BIM modeling, designers make more informed design decisions and they build more efficiently and cost effectively,” Autodesk® explains. Additionally, they have the ability to maintain their buildings more easily. The intelligence data provided by BIM modeling enables users in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), to plan, design, construct, and manage their buildings.

In a 2015 SmartMarket report that examined the impact of BIM technology on complex buildings they discovered that high percentages of architects, engineers and contractors, believe BIM improved the accuracy and completeness of bids, increased the ability to manage the project scope, improved the quality and function of the final design, and increased the owners’ understanding of the proposed design solutions.

GKD Metal Fabrics’ availability on Autodesk® Seek enables users in the AEC industry to not only specify metal mesh but GKD specific systems, streamlining several traditionally complicated processes.

“Our availability on Autodesk® Seek has added tremendous benefit to the architectural community,” explains GKD solar engineer Tom Bialk, “Not only do designers now have a clear understanding of how the mesh attaches and fits within their prospective designs, they now have the ability to have a rendered model to sell their designs to clientele. Additionally, the ability to view the materials in a three-dimensional format creates a tangibility of the materials not previously available, while also allowing designers to envision their GKD-integrated projects to scale.”

One of the main features Revit users in particular find valuable, according to Bialk, is Seek’s embedded metadata. The data housed within Autodesk® Seek files store pertinent GKD specific information related to each material’s solar properties, light transmission, physical attributes and open area. The featured metadata can then be used by the architect or designer to determine potential energy savings.

The overwhelming benefit of including GKD’s systems is to provide the architect or designer with a substantial understanding of how the mesh attaches to their structure. Additionally, GKD’s availability on Seek has streamlined the estimating process for clients in both cost and the amount of material needed for completion.

Bialk further explains, “As the first metal fabric manufacturers to partner with Autodesk® Seek, we have showcased our commitment to the innovative trends of the design community. We want to be as helpful as possible to prospective users of our materials and Seek enables us with the tools and venue to do just that. The benefits of this service are overwhelming and allow us to interact with architects like never before. There is no longer a grey area in the understanding of how the material will look when attached, which provides a real benefit to the architect and to us.”

The AEC community can now access the 3D files, two-dimensional renderings, product-specific data and installation instructions with great ease. These files can then be integrated into Autodesk®’s compatible software programs; Autodesk® Revit, AutoCAD and Autodesk® Design Review.

In order to access the GKD BIM files, users may search ‘GKD’ in Autodesk® Seek’s main search mechanism, or via the attachment systems page on the GKD-USA website.