GKD USA Headquarters By Dominique Perrault Wows After A Decade

February 10, 2015

January 2015 marks a decade since the construction of the GKD USA headquarters. Today, the building remains the perfect representation of the capabilities of GKD metal fabrics when in the hands of architects and designers with innovative ideas.

The headquarters’ design created a tangible example of what can be accomplished by the various metal fabrics in numerous capacities to include ceilings, exterior siding, solar management, and elevator and floor treatment applications. The GKD USA corporate headquarters was constructed using half a dozen different GKD metal fabrics.

Unlike other manufacturers of metal fabrics, or even building materials, at GKD we manufacture, supply and install our metal meshes, which creates a unique relationship with the architects as GKD is in the design process from conception to realization.

Numerous amenities were placed to promote employee wellbeing, including abundant natural light, the open environment workspace, and the onsite fitness facility. The building’s focus on daylighting was cutting-edge, as more research has been released in the past decade about the health benefits and increase in productivity and communication amongst employees when they are exposed to natural light.

The exterior design is quite captivating with the front of the façade constructed using corrugated stainless steel and twelve-foot high entrance doors. One of the most intriguing aspects of the building’s design is the freestanding 160-foot-long sun screen used to reduce energy consumption. But still, as this is a manufacturing facility, it feels as such with the interior use of heavy metals and exposed piping.

The project won AIA Maryland’s Best Industrial Building of 2005 with the jurors commenting… “The power of the building’s simple solution is born from an exploration of non-traditional building solutions…The multi-layered screen wall is made from simply composed [GKD] products and provides a rich elevational tapestry that provides for many adjustable environmental responses as well as creating a controlled context for the building’s occupants.”

Our company’s headquarters is a visual representation of our brand, our products, and our continued commitment to creativity, sustainability and energy-efficient design.

World-renowned architect, Dominique Perrault, designed our 40,000 square foot headquarters in his first US commission. Perrault was the obvious choice, having extensive experience with the materials on large commissions throughout Europe including the French National Library in Paris, the European Communities in Luxembourg, the Olympic swimming stadiums in Berlin, and the Pasarela del Arganzuela footbridge in Madrid.

The building has a factory-look because after all, that’s what it is; it’s a manufacturing facility for our GKD mesh products. The minimalistictwo-story box design includes both the office space and plant facility in a singular location. A main component of the building’s design was continuity between team members, which was accomplished by integrating the office space with the plant.

From floor to ceiling, Perrault, in collaboration with local firm Ziger/Snead, showcases the endless and adaptable properties of the fabrics. As many of the metal mesh materials by GKD are used for solar management, it was important that the building had an open design.

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