GKD Woven Metal Ceiling Contributes to Modern Environment

June 13, 2016

A metal mesh system for a ceiling is a unique choice for a building. That’s why the new workspace for ValueAct Capital, a prominent investment management company located in San Francisco, stands out with GKD metal fabric specified in the ceiling.

The interior architecture is a blend of elemental natural materials: wood paneling, batten eucalyptus, metal woven fabric, and large open glass walls. The design by architects, Gould Evans, balances office openness to promote free-flowing ideas with discrete meeting spaces. This was achieved with collaborative work areas, interspersed with private offices along the perimeter.

Office noise can be a deterrent to productivity; metal mesh ceilings from GKD are often specified for their acoustic qualities to absorb ambient noise. The mesh ceiling system uses a honeycomb and mesh lamination to absorb sounds. Managing and consulting on the acoustics of the interior was San Francisco-based Charles Salter + Associates. Not only is GKD used for acoustic properties, but it also contributes to a novel optic quality.

Each panel in the ceiling was fabricated to be incredibly stable with a finished appearance. Installation is simple too since GKD Metal Fabrics saw the project through from design to installation. The composite (CMP) mesh from GKD can be fitted to any load-bearing ceiling with minimal effort; another benefit of using GKD metal mesh as the ceiling solution. In addition, the metallic mesh custom plates can be equipped with sound absorption mats and 1” aluminum honeycomb supporting plates to form an intermediate layer of acoustic absorption. The system referred to as SILENTMESH serves to reduce reverberation and improve speech intelligibility for open room requirements of new buildings.

The lighting designers at WSP Group chose drop lighting to hang from the metal mesh ceiling. The lighting choice helps to create a warm atmosphere in conjunction with the reflective properties of the woven mesh ceiling. The woven metal ceiling, paired with a dappled gray carpet, also serves to offset the softness of the wood paneling.

The GKD woven metal ceiling contributes to a modern environment expressive of ValueAct’s culture. Between ease of installation, functionality and aesthetic beauty it is easy to see why the material was specified.

information and photography courtesy of Arch Daily

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