Mediamesh® V5xH5.0

Material: AISI Type 316 SS

Type: Flexible, one direction

Open Area: 57%

Weight: 1.83 lbs/sqft

Nominal Thickness: 0.875"

Cable: 0.075" x 3

Rod: 0.115"

C - C cable: 100 mm

Max. width: 13'

Max. length: Consult GKD

Vertical LED Pitch: 50 mm

Horizontal LED Pitch: 50 mm

NITS: 7000

Viewing Distance: ~115'

Mediamesh® V5xH5.0 Wire Mesh

Whether as a partition or hanging from the walls or ceilings, our Mediamesh V5xH5.0 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh allows you to add visual diversity. Incorporate our stainless steel woven metal fabrics into your professional spaces.

Mediamesh values shown here are based on a standard configuration of pixel pitches. Not to scale. Mediamesh is protected under patent 7,513,644 B2. Other patents may apply.



Technical Consultation

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GKD BIM models and more at:

Mediamesh® V5xH5.0
Mediamesh® V5xH5.0
3/4 View
Mediamesh® V5xH5.0
Front & Side View