Modern Light Shines On Historic Building With GKD Mediamesh

March 31, 2015

Name: Mellon Independence Center

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Date: 2015

Customer: A2aMedia

Architect: Stantec

GKD Metal Fabric: Mediamesh v4 h4.25, Tigris

Known today as the Mellon Independence Center Building, Philadelphia residents know this historic building as the Lit Brothers Department Store, which occupied the building for nearly a century. This beautiful building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and currently houses the regional headquarters for the Mellon Bank with retail space on the ground level.

An iconic element has existed for years on the building rooftop- stationary transparent signage that spoke to the surrounding area. In an effort to retain the significant icon, but to modernize it as part of the overall upgrading and restoration effects, Mediamesh was selected to assume this important role. Primary building owner, Brickstone, was pleased with the decision to use a woven stainless steel fabric with integrated LEDs as a digital display. Brickstone knew that the display would appeal to both the City and the Philadelphia Historic Commission, who set strict city codes related to advertising on buildings.

In addition to GKD’s Mediamesh v4 h4.25, Tigris was also used for the rooftop installation. The 359 by 14 foot tall display was attached using GKD’s Woven In Bar method with Triangular Brackets on top and I Bolts on the bottom. The GKD materials were chosen for their transparency, open design, ease of control of system and their ability to great a high performance display visible from required viewing distances.

The combination of historic and modern architectural building materials is often controversial, as it is common for observers to want to keep the integrity of the original structure. While the Mediamesh does serve as a great juxtaposition to the historic building, it showcases our movement as a society toward technological ingenuity.

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