Private Residence Mimics Golden Box With Semi-Transparent GKD Mesh

March 24, 2015

Project: Golden Box

Location: Singapore

Architect: K2Ld Architects

Building Type: Residential, Private Residence

GKD Metal Fabrics Product: Alu6010

Australian firm-K2Ld Architects designed an extravagant residential dwelling that is enveloped in a semi-transparent golden mesh, giving the illusion of a “Golden Box.”

While the building is protected against direct views from the outside during the day, the semi-transparent wire mesh covering the glass façade offers an unhindered view of the surrounding garden. It is not until night that the Golden Box reveals itself and the illuminated interior shimmers through the semi-transparent shell.

The mounted metal fabric panels provide a unique interplay between transparency and opacity, providing the perfect amount of privacy necessary for a residential project. The golden anodized shell uses over 200 panels of GKD’s mesh Alu6010.

The mesh provides sunshading to the home by not obstructing views or light from the exterior, but controlling the influx of natural light and heat able to penetrate the interior.

The openness of the building is laid out in the interior, designed with all spaces, living/dining/family to become one large open space where the rooms can become interchangeable.

In the growing metropolis of the smallest country in Southeast Asia, the Golden Box blends into the surrounding cityscape with just a subtle contrast of tranquility.

Photography © Patrick Bingham-Hall

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