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  • Omega 1505 PC

    Open Area: 20%

    Rigid mesh with slightly spaced weft rods for a flat surface

  • Omega 1510

    Open Area: 35%

    Flexible cable mesh with defined spacing between weft rods

  • Omega 1510 PC

    Open Area: 35%

    Rigid mesh with defined spacing between weft rods

  • Omega 1520

    Open Area: 50%

    Flexible mesh with generous open area between weft rods

  • Omega 1530

    Open Area: 55%

    Flexible mesh with generous transparency details

  • Omega 1530 PC

    Open Area: 55%

  • Omega 226

    Open Area: 46%

    Rigid mesh with closely packed, aluminum rods

  • Omega Divergence

    Open Area: Variable

    Contemporary take on Omega with ability to vary the opening

  • Potomac

    Open Area: 85%

    Potomac is a pre-crimped rigid mesh with stainless steel rods. It has...

  • Sambesi

    Open Area: 42%

    Flexible cable mesh with slightly spaced rods

  • Sambesi PC

    Open Area: 42%

    Rigid mesh with slightly spaced rods

  • Square

    Open Area: 2%

    Basketweave pattern using flat ribbons of wire

  • Square 25

    Open Area: 32%

    Basketweave pattern with slight spacing and increased open area

  • Tigris

    Open Area: 64%

    Signature weave featuring triplet of cable wires

  • Tigris PC

    Open Area: 65%

    Rigid weave featuring a cluster of three round rods

  • Tigris TC-3

    Open Area: 66%

    Triplet of rods woven on a crimped horizontal wire

  • Tucana

    Open Area: 70%

    Simple grill pattern with high transparency

  • Woven-In-Flat-Bar with Clevises

    A flat bar woven into the mesh serves as a connecting...

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