Location: Seattle, WA

Customer: Kinects Residential Tower

Architect: Parallel Studio

Date: 2018

Project Type: Hotels, Private Residences

Size/Scope of Project: 135 sq/ft (248"h x 78"w). Four separate panel sections with custom connection rods to attach panels.

Flow is a speaker sculpture inside the vestibule of Kinects, a residential tower in Seattle WA. Over 100 speakers are mounted in a cascading pattern behind a 135 square foot screen of powder-coated white Helix 48, wrapped around ½” round bar with Eyebolts at top and bottom. 

The sound content is an algorithmic mix of water recordings sourced from rivers, streams and waterfalls from around the world. Both the arrangement of the speakers and the audio create a continuous sensation of movement, creating a unique transition between indoors and out.



System Components


Technical Consultation

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