Oupa Carlos - our wise old madala

Location: Somerset West – Western Cape – South Africa

Architect: Jean Louw, artist, sculptor and architect

Date: 2012

Size/Scope of Project: Striking creativity with remnants of mesh fabric from the local GKD facility. A lot of substance using very little material.

Often overlooked in sculptures, the negative spaces are just as important as the positives. I have always loved the added dynamism of sculptures & furniture that you can see into and through. The varying transparency of the different meshes gives us the opportunity to entice the eye of the viewer through and into the sculpture making the viewer part of the inner space of the work. The mesh not only allows us this dynamic, but also has varying patterns, textures & colors allowing for the creation of wonderfully rich pieces of work.
The fact that I have created a life size sculpture using only “off-cuts” of a product which will outlast us all is also a gratifying achievement.
…outlast us all also adds a wonderfully poetic aspect to the piece.
- Jean Louw -

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