Railway Station Converted Into Stunning Golden Library For Small Town In Germany

February 9, 2016

The German town of Luckenwalde, a 30 min train ride to the capital Berlin, is seeing a spark of renovation and modernization projects, according to an article in Dezeen, which features the restoration of an old railroad station. Additionally, an annex was designed to house the town library. The spectacularly designed library utilizes striking golden building materials to showcase the town’s efforts of modernity.

The library, which also houses the children and youth’s section of the new complex, was designed with its audience in mind. In an attempt to attract a youthful audience, to get them excited about reading, Berlin architects Ralf Fleckenstein and Katharina Feldhusen (FF Architekten) collaborated with Martina Wronna to design a library so unique, it would become a town landmark.

The stunning façade utilized a series of TECU® Gold Shingles, arranged like the skin of a golden snake. The copper aluminum alloy was a durable and economical alternative to other exterior cladding materials. Additionally, the project utilized an internal GKD metal fabric, Mandarin, in isolation glass. The golden hue of the bronze material was a great compliment to the exterior façade but served a sunshading functionality, allowing it to work similar to blinds. The tight weave of the mesh allows it to be a primary choice for architects seeking a daylighting material, due to its capabilities in visible light transmittance, light reflectance and its solar gain coefficient (SHGC).

The addition of the library building serves as a fantastical contrasting element to the classical architectural design of the remaining structure. This allows the annex to communicate an ideal image that respects the 1920s architecture of the original railway building, but also the town’s commitment to innovation.

Interestingly, the town of Luckenwalde, the only small town to Germany to participate, joined the European Union’s URBAN sponsorship program, which allowed the community to take on this renovation project, which was heritage-protected. The town was less interested in continuing to maintain a deteriorating building because, only because of its heritage-protection, and more interested in creating a new epicenter for their community. This allowed them to relocate the original town library, which according to Dezeen was in “cramped, rather unattractive building” into the railroad station.

Photography Andreas Meichsmer

Photography Thomas Lewandovski

Photography Andreas Meichsmer

Photography Quinze & Milan

“Reminiscent of a modern lounge,” the interior of the library creates a fantastical escape for Luckenwalde’s children and young adults. With small enclosures to get lost in a good book, play areas and reclusive reading zones, it’s no surprise the youth of this small town will be well read.

Information courtesy of Dezeen

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