Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Efficiency and Earn LEED Points with Solar Management

October 16, 2017

Solar Omega, an innovative new metal fabric from GKD, is specifically designed to help architects and designers incorporate solar management into a variety of building projects. Our engineering teams wove vertical flat wires with horizontal stainless steel wires to provide more efficient solar protection while increasing viewing area through the metal fabric. This distinct combination is what gives Solar Omega ultimate solar control and better energy reflection.

A Purposeful Evolution

GKD set out to learn more about solar management and determine how specifiers could use metal fabrics to provide solar shading, reduce light pollution and create a positive interior environment. Along the way we studied various products and applications, tested and attained LEED Green Associate credentials and worked with architects and designers from around the world to develop Solar Omega.  

Earn LEED Points in a Variety of Categories

We found that stainless steel fabric was a prime candidate for Solar Omega as the raw materials are composed of a high percentage of postconsumer and post-industrial content. In addition, stainless steel is readily available with active metal markets in place to facilitate re-use of the product.

When utilized as a veil or exterior façade, Solar Omega reduces solar heat gain by shading the building, thus reducing the energy required to power HVAC systems. Metal fabric also allows the transmission of natural light providing effective internal illumination while reducing related energy costs.

These inherent attributes mean that GKD Solar Omega can earn 1-2 points in the following USGBC LEED categories:

  • Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients:The cable and materials of metal fabrics are typically 60% recycled materials and 40% new materials. During manufacturing 100% of the scrap or unused material is recycled. The material is 100% recyclable whenever it reaches the end of its life.
  • Building Reuse:An existing building can be fitted with a façade of GKD material for a long-lasting, new appearance with the same benefits of sun shading and energy savings of a new building.
  • Daylight:The use of a metal fabric façade has the benefit of connecting occupants with indoor and outdoor spaces. Undeniably, this leads to greater productivity, healthier environments, increased airflow and shading.
  • LEED Accredited Professional:GKD maintains professionals of all types on staff, including LEED certified individuals. It is highly probable that your project already has LEED certified members on board.
  • Light Pollution Reduction:A GKD fabric façade on the outside of a building helps to control light intensities from unnatural sources.
  • Quality Views:Transparency of a metal fabric façade allows for a clear view while shading light and heat.


Solar Management Meets Aesthetic Appeal

With the increasing advancement and benefits of sustainable building products, metal fabrics allow architects to easily address solar management while creating aesthetically pleasing designs. Metal fabrics can be etched and custom panel sizes mean that our manufacturing experts can produce nearly any design.

For increased aesthetic appeal, architects can specify a variety of colors and textures in building materials that are installed beneath the GKD façade. Sunshades also add an interesting texture over the glass, working both functionally and aesthetically to provide a visually dynamic installation.

Since our collaboration with architects and designers begins at the conceptual design phase, and continues through all levels of specification, installation and testing, we have the knowledge and design prowess to help you create the best fit for your project needs.

Answering the Call

Solar Omega offers a great deal of design and functional flexibility for façades. It provides particularly effective solar protection and delivers lower energy consumption in the long term. Whether in the form of small mesh panels or room-filling elements measuring up to 13 ft. wide and 82 ft. long, incorporating Solar Omega into design can significantly increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

To learn more about Solar Omega, and how you can use it in your next project, contact us today.