Tensiomesh: New Attachment System Addition

January 22, 2024

As the global leader in woven metal fabrics for architectural solutions, GKD announces a new innovation in metal mesh engineering and quality control – Tensiomesh. Correct tension is critical to ensuring woven metal fabrics maintain optimum performance and design qualities. Improper installation and the impact of natural forces over time can degrade the aesthetic qualities of metal fabric. GKD Tensiomesh is a patent pending quality control device that can be installed on the system’s brackets to measure and ensure exact tension specifications.

A built-in scale provides a visual confirmation that the correct tension levels are achieved on new installations and serves as a continuous quality assurance device that measures tension over time. If tension declines, fasteners can easily be tightened to the desired levels eliminating trial and error.

As of September 2023, Tensiomesh is now available as part of the GKD Metal Fabric attachment system assembly.

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