Dominique Perrault Designs Tennis Court Worthy Of Olympics With GKD Mesh Exterior

August 23, 2016 | Case Histories

In just four years, from 2004 to 2007, the city ring road was relocated to an underground tunnel system, the Madrid Calle 30. As a result, the city center and the suburbs are no longer separated from each other and Madrid has been given room for a new "green lung.” The distinctive landmark of the Parque del Manzanares is Dominique Perrault's Centro Deportivo Multifunctional del Manzanares, built to bolster Spain's application to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Architects Design Custom Screen Printed GKD Metal Mesh for Samsung Headquarters

May 31, 2016 | Case Histories

Global architecture firm NBBJ recently completed the energy-efficient headquarters for technology powerhouse, Samsung. The building features a 10-story tower, pavilion and parking garage structure, creating a collaborative design for both employees and the community. Located in tech-hub, Silicon Valley, the headquarters houses the company’s 2,000 employees, which are divided into R&D and their sales department. Throughout the design, the architects utilized the brand’s image as inspiration.

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Stainless Steel Mesh As Sun Protection At The Education City In Qatar

April 19, 2016

The emirate of Qatar combines technological progress and Arabian tradition like virtually no other country in the Persian Gulf. However, the small state with an area of just 11,500 square kilometres is also at the very forefront when it comes to education and sustainable architecture. In the capital Doha, students from across the globe study at branches of the world's leading universities on the Education City campus. Two new student residence halls with an area of over 1,000 hectares are setting international standards for sustainability with the highest level of LEED certification available (Platinum). Large Omega stainless steel mesh elements from GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG (GKD) act as sun protection and thereby make a contribution to the positive energy balance. Alongside this functional efficiency, however, it is the special surface treatment that truly breaks new ground. Arabian motifs created on the mesh by means of a special etching technique evoke the local culture and interpret shining stainless steel mesh in a way never seen before. After a number of similar projects in the USA, this is the first time that this etching technique has been used on a large scale.

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The Proven Benefits Of Daylighting On Workers And The Environment

April 05, 2016 | Sustainability

There are many benefits produced as a byproduct of incorporating daylighting into an office building design. Access to daylight throughout the day improves employee well-being and overall health, even after leaving the office. Besides creating a pleasant working environment for employees, solar protection also plays a key part in supporting sustainable energy efficiency concepts.

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