7 Occasions Metal Blurs Lines Between Art And Architecture

September 27, 2016 | Beyond The Weave

Metal can be perforated, woven, etched, wrapped, and hung to create elaborate facades that bridge two worlds between art and architecture. From ornate, custom facades to striking sculptures, the material blends elements of design and functionality seamlessly.

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French City Center Revitalized By Copper Woven GKD Metal Mesh

April 11, 2016 | Projects

A northern coastal city in France is home to a new historic symbol clad in gold GKD metal mesh. The new School of Art located in Calais, France was constructed by local architecture firm, ARC.AME Urban Architects. The city has seen a revival as a result of the building’s composition, which is delicately designed around the original architecture of the town.

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Colossal Retail Complex Transforms Moscow’s Economic, Social and Sustainable Climate

February 24, 2016 | Projects

Retail experts, The Jerde Partnership, who were responsible for the Mall of America and other global and iconic retail projects, recently, completed the highly anticipated $500 million dollar multi-functional complex. The US team completed the Kuntsevo Plaza just a few miles outside the bustling capital of Moscow. Spanning more than a city block, the complex includes retail, residential, public and office spaces, all intertwined to form a city within a city. Large and staggering in design, the project aims to change the economic, social and sustainable climate of Kuntsevo.

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Architects Create Color Changing Light Cube Using GKD Transparent Mesh

February 02, 2016 | Case Histories

Commended by the EXPO-jury in the context of the Saar terraces as an exemplary project for the revitalization of inner-city industrial branches, the LIGHT-CUBE is one of the worldwide projects of the World’s Fair. The exhibition grounds, which once yielded coal and steel, are developing into a thriving center for high-tech, media and service companies. The 16,000 square foot area of the LIGHT-CUBE has been tailored to the needs of the multimedia branch, with the outer cloak playing an optically spectacular, highly conspicuous role. According to the concept of Prof. Rüdiger Kramm, Axel Strigl and Benjamin Kramm, the mesh mantle is designed to be a seamless, all-round projection screen for extraordinary visualizations of complex information: in short, a “media façade.” The planners see this as the architectonic expression of a self-steering and self-generating system. As an “interface between enclosed space and the surrounding environment, it changes into a cloak which, as a climatic and illuminating membrane, has novel technical and aesthetic qualities.”

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