Dominique Perrault Dresses Versailles Pavilion Dufour In Gold Escale From GKD

July 05, 2016 | Case Histories

Two new public spaces in the Versailles Pavilion Dufour shine with detailed gold Escale 5x1 from GKD as part of a redevelopment project designed by French architect, Dominique Perrault. Among the classic stone and wood materials is an awe-inspiring golden ceiling made of shimmering, golden metal fabric. The metal mesh dresses the entryway, where visitors begin their tour, making a strong architectural statement. Then, throughout the gallery gold Escale creates a modern accent that contrasts beautifully against a natural palette.

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GKD Woven Metal Ceiling Contributes to Modern Environment

June 13, 2016 | Projects

A metal mesh system for a ceiling is a unique choice for a building. That’s why the new workspace for ValueAct Capital, a prominent investment management company located in San Francisco, stands out with GKD metal fabric specified in the ceiling.

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