Stainless Steel Mesh From GKD Helps Suspend Single Arch Across A Burnaby, BC Bridge

March 08, 2016 | Projects

Canadian residents in Burnaby, BC delight in a new stainless steel mesh bridge walkway made from GKD stainless steel mesh. The award-winning Griffiths Drive Pedestrian Bridge offers a major benefit to the community by connecting residential areas with the schools located on the other side of a 4-lane motorway.

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Architects Create Color Changing Light Cube Using GKD Transparent Mesh

February 02, 2016 | Case Histories

Commended by the EXPO-jury in the context of the Saar terraces as an exemplary project for the revitalization of inner-city industrial branches, the LIGHT-CUBE is one of the worldwide projects of the World’s Fair. The exhibition grounds, which once yielded coal and steel, are developing into a thriving center for high-tech, media and service companies. The 16,000 square foot area of the LIGHT-CUBE has been tailored to the needs of the multimedia branch, with the outer cloak playing an optically spectacular, highly conspicuous role. According to the concept of Prof. Rüdiger Kramm, Axel Strigl and Benjamin Kramm, the mesh mantle is designed to be a seamless, all-round projection screen for extraordinary visualizations of complex information: in short, a “media façade.” The planners see this as the architectonic expression of a self-steering and self-generating system. As an “interface between enclosed space and the surrounding environment, it changes into a cloak which, as a climatic and illuminating membrane, has novel technical and aesthetic qualities.”

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Gigantic Steel Robot Becomes German Landmark With GKD Transparent LED Facade

January 12, 2016 | Projects

Inden, Germany currently has a large open cast brown coal mine. The mine spans 4,500 hectares, yet excavation will end in 2030 when the unusual landscape is transformed into the ‘Der Indeische See,’ a large sporting venue. The city commissioned Maurer United Architects (MUA) to create a watchtower with a landmark design in that location. For this, MUA created the Indemann (the man of the town of Inden), a 118-foot robot that the architects explain, “The Indemann’s design is characterized by its striking external appearance, but the real surprise lies in the staged experiences that the visitors can expect in its interior.”

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Gensler Designs Contemporary Law Firm Interior Using GKD Transparent Mesh

October 28, 2015 | Case Histories

Founded in 1853, the honorable law firm, which consists of seven offices, places a great deal of value on a classy but contemporary appearance. The interior zone of the office in Baton Rouge was recently remodeled by the global architecture firm, Gensler.

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