Mediamesh® V6xH5.0

Material: AISI Type 316 SS

Type: Flexible, one direction

Open Area: 58%

Weight: 1.74 lbs/sqft

Nominal Thickness: 0.875"

Cable: 0.075" x 3

Rod: 0.115"

C - C cable: 100 mm

Max. width: 13'

Max. length: Consult GKD

Vertical LED Pitch: 60 mm

Horizontal LED Pitch: 50 mm

NITS: 5833

Viewing Distance: ~138'

Mediamesh values shown here are based on a standard configuration of pixel pitches. Mediamesh is protected under patent 7,513,644 B2. Other patents may apply.



Technical Consultation

410.901.8429 or 410.901.8428







GKD BIM models and more at:

Mediamesh® V6xH5.0
Mediamesh® V6xH5.0
3/4 View
Mediamesh® V6xH5.0
Front & Side View