Material: AISI Type 316 SS

Type: Flexible, one direction

Open Area: 64%

Weight: 1.33 lbs/sqft

Max. width: 26'

Visible Light Transmittance Min 0.47, Max 0.67

Visible Light Reflectance Min 0.15, Max 0.21

Solar Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Min 0.33, Max 0.45

Tigris Metal Fabric

GKD Metal Fabrics provides high-quality Tigris Metal Fabric made with SteelWeave technology for your commercial projects. The Tigris Metal Fabric fits many system components, including reliable eye hooks, frames, outrigger tensions systems, StealthLok, etc. The flexible stainless steel fabric also has applications for partitions, safety and security, architectural parking garage screening, and transparent metal mesh facades. Contact us today for Tigris Metal Fabric inquiries today.


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