Tigris PC

Material: AISI Type 316 SS

Type: Rigid

Open Area: 65%

Weight: 1.40 lbs/sqft

Max. width: 101"

Visible Light Transmittance Min 0.47, Max 0.67

Visible Light Reflectance Min 0.15, Max 0.21

Solar Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Min 0.33, Max 0.45

> 8 ft in both directions must ship flat - contact GKD for larger size restrictions

Tigris PC Metal Fabric

Tigris PC metal fabric offers a sturdy layer of protection to your projects. Stainless steel metal fabrication provides a rigid mesh for metal cladding and more.


Technical Consultation

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Tigris PC
Tigris PC
3/4 View
Tigris PC
Front & Side View