GKD-USA Headquarters

Internationally renowned architect Dominique Perrault concepted our North American headquarters to create a space that would foster a sense of community among the workforce. The simplicity of design and use of our own product throughout the building resulted in a showcase of woven metal fabrics.

Weaves: Square, Omega 226, Omega 1520, Omega 1500, Lamelle, Lago, Escale 7×1, Ellipse 52

Attachment: Woven-In-Bar with Eyebolts Top & Bottom, Flat & Angle Frame, Extended Loops with Eyebolts, Ceiling Clip System: SilentMesh

Application: Facades, Interior, Solar Control

Subsection: Ceilings, Specialties

Location: Cambridge, Maryland

Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture and Ziger/ Snead Architects

Market Segment: Corporate

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Natural lighting
Sun shading

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