Centro Cultural Kirchner - the Blue Whale

Location: Buenos Aires Argentina

Customer: Government of Argentina

Architect: B4FS arquitectos

Date: 2015

Project Type: Public Buildings and Arts

Size/Scope of Project: 1200+ panels, 59,000 ft²

The main attraction of the Centro Cultural Kirchner building, the enormous Blue Whale, can be found beneath the chandelier allegory. Its curved stomach contains a concert hall with space for 1,950 spectators in the stalls and on the balconies, as well as a chamber music hall that accommodates 540. For its construction, a large metal cage was set up as a supporting structure. The colossal construction has a fascinating effect due to its Escale 7 X 1  metal fabric shimmering skin, which seamlessly covers the ellipsoidal body and gently reflects the blue of the surrounding walls and skirting.  This mesh can be readily formed in three dimensions.

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