Jinhua Globe

Location: Jinhua China

Architect: GKD Gebr. Kufferath AG, Jakob Sistig

Date: 2012

Project Type: Public Buildings and Arts

Size/Scope of Project: 7' 3" diameter Globe

The partnership between the German town of Düren and the Chinese city of Jinhua that began in 2002 was celebrated during a 2012 visit  of a delegation from Düren.with the presentation of a large globe made of metallic mesh from GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG. 

GKD manufactured the 7 foot globe from stainless steel mesh, using stainless steel sheet to represent the continents. Some 43 LEDs form an illuminated strip that connects the town of Düren and the city of Jinhua. Berlin and Beijing can also clearly be seen as illuminated dots.



Technical Consultation

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