Museum of the Bible

Location: Washington, DC

Customer: Museum of the Bible

Architect: SmithGroup JJR

Date: 2018

Project Type: Educational Institutions, Religious Buildings

Key Contractor: Tate Ornamental

Size/Scope of Project: 235 panels, each 2.540 mm (2 mm flat wire) x 1.270 mm wide, totaling 758 m² (8,159 sq/ft) of aluminum Acoustic Mesh Panels.

The ceiling of the 6th floor gathering room, offering panoramic views of the U.S. Capitol and National Mall, contains over 8,000 square feet of GKD's custom Acoustic Mesh Panels, easily the most ambitious interior project to date. The aluminum composite mesh is an untraditional choice for ceiling and wall coverings, but the light weight, dramatic noice reduction properties and day lighting advantages made it a perfect choice for a very large meeting space.


System Components


Technical Consultation

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