Atlantic Bronze

Material: Bronze

Type: Rigid

Open Area: 43%

Weight: 1.28 lbs/sqft

Nominal Thickness: 0.138"

Flat Strip: 0.282" x 0.041"

Rod: 0.078"

C - C flat strip: 0.55"

C - C rod: 0.55"

Max. width: 78"

Atlantic Bronze Metal Fabric

Our Atlantic bronze metal fabric works in a variety of applications, including suspended ceiling panels and specialty architectural adornments. Our bronze wire mesh allows creative designers, architects, and artists to manifest ideas in imaginative and wonderful ways. We believe our bronze metal mesh provides an aesthetically pleasing and safe application for your next project. Browse our Atlantic bronze metal fabric for a beautiful, breathtaking solution.

Custom lengths and widths also avaiilable. Contact GKD for details.


Technical Consultation

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Atlantic Bronze
Atlantic Bronze
3/4 View
Atlantic Bronze
Front & Side View